We offer multiple payment options to make your shopping experience convenient. If you are located in Lahore, Karachi, or Islamabad, or have a relative living there, you can make payment and collect your order from our store location. We also offer cash on delivery service for orders anywhere within Pakistan.

Western Union:

  • Western Union money transfer services are also available for payment. You can submit payment to a Western Union office in your city with our name and address. Upon payment, you will receive a reference number, which you should share with us via email. Your order will be dispatched immediately upon payment collection.
  • Bank payments can be deposited in our bank account through online transfer service, available in both the USA and Pakistan. Please choose the payment method that is most convenient for you.

Maintenance: storage and protection

  • Your fine jewelry is not only precious to you for personal reasons, but it also holds monetary value that can appreciate or depreciate based on how you care for and store it. Whether you plan to trade a piece eventually, has it remade, or passes it down to the next generation, it’s essential to take care of your jewelry to preserve its value and beauty.
  • Proper care and storage of your jewelry can impact its value, which can either appreciate or depreciate over time. Whether you plan to trade, remold, or pass it down to the next generation, it’s vital to maintain your jewelry’s beauty and value. Storing your jewelry haphazardly in a box or container can cause scratches and damage to both stones and metals. Similarly, using inappropriate containers or exposing your jewelry to air can also affect its longevity and quality. Neglecting regular cleaning or cleaning it improperly can also result in damaging your jewelry.
  • Therefore, it’s essential to handle your fine jewelry with care, store it appropriately in safe containers made of suitable materials, and clean it regularly using the recommended methods to protect its sentimental and financial value.